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It all started with two scientists who, after spending many years locked in the lab committed to their respective research fields, performing countless experiments, analyzing data, writing papers and theses, decided to hit the street and make a change, always keeping in mind their shared passion: Science.

Federica Lombardi, PhD

Federica LABCLUB
Federica is an Italian biotechnologist passionate about numbers and technology. She has been involved in research for the last twelve years – in Italy, Ireland and Spain. She has collected several “pieces of paper” by completing formal studies (Master’s Degree at the University of Bologna, Master’s Degree at the Open University, PhD at University College Dublin), and in the meantime she got pleasantly distracted by her several non-academic interests.

At University College Dublin, she worked as a tutor in the Bioinformatics course for Biology students and in the Physics course for Medical students, thus becoming aware of her deep passion for teaching.
In her spare time, she enjoys putting together interactive objects and devising fun activities to transmit her passion for science to young boys and girls.


Jordi Sebastià, PhD


We could say he’s a biologist by training and vocation, an English teacher and a sporadic science/medical translator. He did his PhD in Neuroscience at the Universitat de Barcelona (only for nerds: his PhD thesis was about oxidative stress in the central nervous system).

With a long career as a Life Sciences Researcher spanning over 12 years, both in his hometown and abroad, he’s worked in Barcelona, Italy and Ireland. He’s published articles on Neurobiology, Immunology and Cell and Molecular Biology.

He’s interested, among many things, in reptiles, tropical plants, cell biology, genetics, evolution…

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