Secondary Education

The following activities are scheduled for all levels of secondary education (12-16 years), their complexity adapted to each age group:

W: Workshops; P: Presentations & Talks

For further information, you will find the complete and updated list of our activities in the following pdf document: Activity List LABCLUB 2018

Educational Aims

Electronics with ARDUINO
We’ll take our first steps with ARDUINO, an open-source hardware platform, designed to build interactive objects while learning applied electronics in a straightforward and engaging way.

Digital Microscopy
As we get familiar with the new generation of small, affordable digital microscopes, we’ll also observe, take pictures and make videos of several aquatic invertebrates. A workshop that combines digital photography and zoology.

Designing experiments
A hands-on workshop where, through plenty of practical examples, we’ll learn how to put together a research project: formulating questions and hypotheses, experimental design, controls, data analysis and conclusions.

PubMed: searching for biomedical information on the Internet
We’ll meet and put to use the most powerful tool to find information about any research published in scientific journals, used by researchers all over the world.

Inside Science: the scientific method and researchers’ daily work
A presentation offering an insight into the everyday life of a research group. A demystifying vision of science, told by its protagonists.

Science and Pseudoscience: how to unmask charlatans and frauds
We’ll learn which are the clues to recognize scientific-looking claims that advertising and the media bombard us with daily.

Educational Aims

  • Introduction to the scientific method: formulating questions and designing experiments
  • Learning English as a communication tool, using task-based methods
  • Introduction to programming languages and mechanics
  • Encouraging interest in STEM also in girls
  • Fostering curiosity, critical thinking and the ability to solve practical problems
  • Learning to work in teams
  • Understanding the variety of life, the similarities between living organisms and the role of the human being as an organism
  • Instilling a respect for nature

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