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Science to the people
LABCLUB is a traveling multilingual school of Science, Technology and Nature.

Here at LABCLUB we think that maths, computers, and – more broadly- technology are tools that enable us to express our human potential and to unbind our creativity. That’s why we like to apply technical skills to areas as diverse as music, language, design and cinema. We believe that such eclecticism accommodates different individualities and makes science alive and fertile. We really learn something when we need to to solve a problem that concerns us.

Our workshops are created by us and are inspired by the pedagogy of György Pólya, Thomas Dwyer and Seymour Papert, among others. Here at LABCLUB not a single day goes by without thinking of new ways to foster love and passion for science by means of learning and self-learning based upon experimentation and play.


Why is Science important for kids (and adults alike) ?

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