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LABCLUB is a small educational services company founded and run by a biologist and a bioinformatician, both with a long career path in international research. At LABCLUB we have two main work lines, which often blend: technology on one hand (coding, electronics, robotics) and general science on the other hand (chemistry, physics, geometry, biology, ethology).

The keystone of our pedagogic stand is experience. We want our students to touch, to get dirty, to get tingled by electricity (very low currents, no worries!) And in the case of more abstract activities, we encourage kids to battle against problems till overcoming them, thereby acquiring an awareness of how powerful their minds are. Experience and challenging activities are our recipe to foster self-learning, the only truly essential ability for the life-long learning requirements of today’s world. We believe in STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Math) education as a type of learning that provides a set of tools to enable the full expression of our human potential and the unleashing of our creativity. The activities that we create are varied and free from discipline boundaries, so that everyone can build their own learning path.

Our activities are made by ourselves with love, and inspired by the pedagogical methods of Georgy Polya, Thomas Dwyer, Seymour Papert, Curt Gabrielson, and many others. At LABCLUB we are constantly thinking about strategies to foster love of science through experience and play.


Why is Science important for kids (and adults alike) ?

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