The following activities are scheduled for kids aged between 4-6:

For further information, you will find the complete and updated list of our activities in the following pdf document: Activity List LABCLUB 2018

Educational Aims

Making noise: Musical instruments with recycled materials
We’ll learn, hands-on, about the physics of sound: what sound is and how it is transmitted. We’ll also get to see the way some small animals communicate, and we’ll build a megaphone and some “musical” instruments.

Shadow theater
How are shadows made? Do all objects cast shadows?Shadow puppet theater
Playing with flashlights, cardboard figures and objects of all types we’ll learn how to create and transform shadows, and we’ll introduce concepts such as transparency and opacity. We’ll also use our hands to learn some basic animal figures of the shadow puppet theater.

Introduction to Robotics with Bee-Bot

The perfect way to take the first steps in robotics and programming.
Bee-Bot and its friends Blue-Bot and Pro-Bot are small, resistant and very easy-to-program robots, ideal for training sequential thinking, laterality, spatial awareness and problem solving.

Educational Aims

  • Understanding the variety of life and the similarities between living organisms
  • Becoming familiar with the basic notions of physics and chemistry
  • Instilling a respect for nature
  • Learning English – basic vocabulary

Simbol color 3


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