All our workshops are held preferably in English, they’re hands-on and with plenty of practical material to touch, play and experiment with. At LABCLUB we believe in the importance of interdisciplinarity. Therefore, our activities often mix concepts from different fields (Nature, Molecular Biology, Chemistry and Physics, Technology…)

For further information, you will find the complete and updated list of our activities in the following pdf document: Activity List LABCLUB 2021-2022.

Although at LABCLUB we are flexible, thus offering activities suitable for all types of institutions (schools, summer camps, community centers, groups and families) and for any age group, we devote our greatest efforts to the education of children and teenagers:

Primary Education
Secondary Education

General features of the LABCLUB activities

  • All our activities are conducted mainly in English. However, in case you request it, they can also be held in Catalan, Spanish or Italian.
  • Our workshops and presentations have a duration of between 45 and 90 minutes, depending on the students’ age and the type of activity. In any case, the duration might be adapted to meet the needs of each group.
  • All our activities take place at the school, so students don’t need to travel anywhere.
  • We work with groups of up to 20-25 students.
  • Our activities are available throughout the school day, mornings or afternoons, or as after-school activities.
  • All activities are completely safe for the students, as we always supply materials that children can manipulate without any problem.
  • LABCLUB provides all the materials needed for the development of the practical activities ( laboratory equipment, biological samples, live animals, microscopes, electronic equipment, etc.), as well as any informational materials required for follow-up or reinforcement activities. In most cases, a projector and a screen are all we need in the classroom.

We hope you find our activities interesting. Don’t hesitate to get in touch with us if you’d like to get more information, suggest new activities or make any comments.


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